Paul Krugman and other mainstream trade experts are now admitting that they were wrong about globalization: It hurt American workers far more than they thought it would. Did America’s free market economists help put a protectionist demagogue in the White House?

OCTOBER 22, 2019
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From: 林孝庭  东方历史评论 2019/10/23

Conference coordinators: Olivier Blanchard (PIIE) and Dani Rodrik (Harvard University)

October 17, 2019 9:00 AM to October 18, 2019 5:15 PM

PIIE Webcast, Washington, DC

The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) held a major conference on “Combating Inequality: Rethinking Policies to Reduce Inequality in Advanced Economies," on October 17–18, 2019. The conference coordinators were Olivier Blanchard, C. Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow at PIIE, and Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Inequality has increased in almost all advanced economies, to alarming levels in some cases as in the United States. It is essential, therefore, to consider the full range of policies, in education, finance, labor markets, taxation, and beyond, to address it. The purpose of the conference is to take stock of knowledge about specific concrete policies that can be deployed to reduce within-country inequality in advanced economies. The conference comprised one survey paper to set the landscape on the evolution of inequality in advanced economies, two general panels on the moral and political aspects of inequality, and a series of policy proposals.

Olivier Blanchard began organizing the Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy series at the International Monetary Fund, where he was the chief economist from 2008 to 2015. This year’s Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy Conference, the fifth in the series, featured Nobel laureates Angus Deaton and Peter Diamond, among two dozen leading policy scholars who discussed inequality issues and shared policy recommendations in high-level panel discussions.

MIT Press will publish a conference volume in 2020.


There was heated discussion between Larry Summers and E. Saez.

But the discussion by Gabriel Zucman is very informative:



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From: 赵树凯 读书杂志 2019/10/16

编者按: 洪源远(Yuen Yuen Ang)的How China Escaped the Poverty Trap一书,出版以来广受好评,其以大量丰富的调研和访谈为基础,形成对中国发展的新的理论解读,为广大发展中国家提供了中国模式,向世界讲述了中国经验和中国故事。赵树凯以“何以发展”“政府何为”以及“改革何来”三个问题层层迭进,将洪源远的观点进行了整体的结构、梳理和评价,阐述了中国式发展模式的不同阶段、地方制度的建立以及中央和地方在改革发展中的关系等问题。